Outlander fans ‘work out’ importance of forget-me-nots in Jamie Fraser’s ending

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Claire Fraser (played by Caitriona Balfe) first met her husband Jamie (Sam Heughan) in 18th Century Scotland after being whisked through time by the supernatural stones at Craigh Na Dun. Now the couple has settled in North Carolina, Outlander fans are still trying to piece together all the pieces of the puzzle as the Starz drama, based on the bestselling novels by Diana Gabaldon, prepares to enter its seventh season.

The forget-me-not flowers at Craigh Na Dun could be hinting toward a tragic ending for Jamie and his time-travelling wife, Claire.

In Outlander season one, Claire spots the flowers just before the stones throw her two centuries back in time to the Battle of Culloden.

Author Diana has insisted the flowers will be key to understanding the conclusion of the epic tale but, six seasons later, the forget-me-nots still haven’t come into play.

With the TV adaptation potentially coming to an end soon, fans have been speculating how Claire and Jamie’s romance through time may eventually conclude.

On Reddit, user LiteraryPeach00 asked fans: “What do the forget-me-nots mean at the stones in the first book?

“I didn’t think anything of it until I read that Ron [Moore, screenwriter] asked [Diana] about changing them for the show and she said they were very important to the ending and to keep them in the show.”

It seems the flowers’ allusions to remembrance and forgetting will be an important theme to keep in mind heading into Outlander’s final chapters.

Whether the flowers will play an important role in the plot or simply provide some subtle foreshadowing, their inclusion has led viewers to believe one of the Frasers may eventually forget the other.

“I just looked it up and forget-me-nots are considered a symbol of fidelity and faithfulness, true love and respect,” historyarmchair22 replied.

“I think that’s pretty bang on for Claire and Jaime’s relationship.”

While the symbolic significance of the flowers is certainly important, Diana has still suggested the forget-me-nots will play a role in her forthcoming final book.

Nine books have been published in the Outlander series so far, and her upcoming 10th novel will bring the saga to an end, for better or worse.

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Hopefully, Jamie and Claire’s ending is a happy one, but this fan wasn’t ruling out a very real and devastating possibility.

“Reading that also made me have a horrible thought,” they continued.

“Could all of the head trauma Jaime has sustained lead to Alzheimer’s? People with TBI are more likely to develop it as they age.

“Jamie progressively forgetting who Claire is would be heartbreaking.” (sic)

Their romance has been one for the ages, but Outlander could pull the heartstrings one last time for the final season by having Jamie start to forget about his life with Claire.

She could even be forced to return back to her life in the 21st Century after their marriage dissolves, bringing her adventures across history to a rather bleak conclusion.

However, there’s also the strange case of the Highlander’s ghost appearing in the 1960s at the start of the series, so there’s more than one mystery still to be solved.

Outlander seasons 1-6 are available on Starz in the USA and StarzPlay via Amazon Prime Video in the UK.

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