Ozark cancelled: Has Ozark season 1 been taken off Netflix?

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Ozark season three hit Netflix earlier this year with 10 new episodes after the Emmy-winning series first premiered in 2017. Netflix has now confirmed season four is going ahead but the bad news is, the series will be the final one. There will be 14 episodes split into half for fans to savour. Showrunner Chris Mundy previously revealed he planned a five-season arc. He said: “We’ve always talked about it as five seasons. It could be four, it could be seven… but that always seemed like a good number to us.” But what’s happened to the first season?

Has Ozark season 1 been taken off Netflix?

Ozark first hit our screens in July 2017 and season two followed in 2018. However, there was an 18-month gap for the third outing, which arrived earlier this year.

The series has won Emmy Awards including one for Ruth Langmore actress Julia Garner and another for Marty Byrde star and director Jason Bateman.

Season four has been confirmed to be the last one but has got a super-sized 14-episode order. The final outing will be split into two.

Given the huge fanbase as well the series retaining a place in the top 10 of Netflix UK for weeks after season three dropped, a recommission was on the cards before the announcement. 


  • Ozark fans left fuming as show is temporarily taken down from Netflix

But with the new series arriving on Netflix, some fans recently went back to watch the show from scratch to refresh their memories – however, some fans encountered a shocking scene.

It appeared some fans were unable to do so on June 11.

A number of people took to Reddit to comment on the show apparently temporarily vanishing from the streaming platform.

One user called hellojeffrey posted: “Recently started watching Ozark, enjoying it and half way through Season 1.

“Gone onto Netflix today (UK) to find Season 1 is gone. Why is it removed? It’s a Netflix original and S2 and S3 are there

“Tried to Google but nothing to say it’s been removed?”

While another person called ctrlctrlfast responded to say: “Just went to start up the season one finale and noticed the same thing! Google has returned nothing. I am US based btw.”

Another said: “I was just looking for this post. I’m from Spain and it seems it has been removed too.”

However, the weird absence was short live, it seems, with season one being reinstated.

The original poster hellojeffrey later responded, saying: “Just checked again and it is back. Must have been a glitch.”

Another person called OnAnInvestigation wrote on the forum: “I’m in the US and I can still watch season one. Wonder if it’s a glitch or if it’s been removed and not caught up to me yet.”

A quick scroll through Netflix UK as of June 12 shows all episodes from all three seasons of Ozark are available.

The disappearance may have been a simple glitch as suggested by the Reddit users. Express.co.uk contacted Netflix for comment at the time regarding season one’s temporary absence.

The bizarre occurrence comes amid growing fears among fans their favourite TV series could have been pulled from streaming platforms for causing offence.

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Little Britain and The League of Gentlemen were pulled from BBC iPlayer recently for featuring scenes with characters putting on blackface.

UKTV also made the decision to remove an episode of Fawlty Towers for featuring racial slurs.

While American streaming platform HBO Max made the decision to temporarily remove Gone With The Wind.

There were also fears recently The Inbetweeners had been removed from YouTube due to causing offence but it was later confirmed the content was pulled from the site due to a rights issue.

Ozark seasons 1 to 3 are streaming on Netflix now

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