Phil forces pregnant Louise to have a termination in EastEnders?

Louise Mitchell (Tilly Keeper) has had a rough time as of late in EastEnders, what with her relationship with Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) having gone belly-up. However, it would appear that there is plenty more hardship ahead — as Phil (Steve McFadden) proves to be a thorn in her side.

Louise’s world came crashing down several weeks back when she learned that her dad had paid Keanu to be her boyfriend. Despite Phil’s intentions having been good, such news left Louise heartbroken as it meant that her relationship with the young mechanic was built on a total lie.

This was only the beginning of her woes, as things became much more complicated when she discovered she was pregnant. Lou was conflicted at first, but a series of conversations with both Lola (Danielle Harold) and Sharon (Letitia Dean) made her realise that she wants to have Keanu’s child.

Regardless of her being happy with the decision she’s made, Phil becomes a problem for her, as he begins to pressure her into having an abortion. In fact, he’s so desperate that he even offers to pay for the procedure too!

However, much like her dad, Louise refuses to be pushed around. She tells Phil that — regardless of his opinion on the matter — she’s keeping the baby, and should Keanu find out about the pregnancy from him, then she’ll have no issue telling everyone in Walford about how he paid the young mechanic to date her.

As has always been the case with the Mitchell hard man, Phil’s not giving up without a fight and — with no one left to turn to — he shows up on Ben’s (Max Bowden) doorstep, looking for some help.

Will Ben help Phil in his hour of need? We all know how the Mitchell lad feels about his old man right now, but what with him trying to get back in Phil’s good books, he might not be able to turn him down this time.

One to watch: Monday 3rd June at 8pm on BBC One.

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