Piers Morgan claims Nigel Farage has 'lost his marbles' and says bitter row over 'disinfectant' was a 'sad spectacle'

PIERS Morgan has claimed Nigel Farage "lost his marbles" in their heated row on Good Morning Britain.

The presenter, 55, clashed with the Brexit Party leader yesterday when Nigel appeared not to know that bleach was a disinfectant.

Today Piers said it was a "sad spectacle" as he pointed out why he was right in their argument about President Donald Trump's controversial Covid cure theories.

Furious Farage told Piers to "grow up" and that he was "fake news" after claiming Trump suggested injecting patients with "bleach" to treat coronavirus.

Piers said on Good Morning Britain today: "I mused that he might not have realised disinfectant is bleach, but this picture shows Donald Trump staring at a Best Practices board.

"The problem here is we're not fake news, you are.

"You don't understand bleach is a disinfectant and that's why when Trump said disinfectant, he meant bleach because his own billboard told him it was bleach and that's why he said it.

"I think Nigel thinks he's the new Donald Trump.

"It was a bit of a sad spectacle yesterday. He completely lost his marbles.

"Thoughts with Nigel Farage at this difficult time."

Piers showed an image of Trump standing in front of a poster that said "commonly available disinfectants (bleach and isopropyl alochol) work to kill the virus".

Making fun of Farage not knowing that bleach is a disinfectant, Piers added: "Who does the cleaning in your house, Nigel? Seriously.

"Because if they use bleach, word to the wise buddy, it's disinfectant."

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