Piers Morgan is set to 'go nuclear' in his first major interview since leaving GMB

PIERS Morgan is set to “go nuclear” in his first major interview since leaving Good Morning Britain.

Piers announced earlier today he will take part in a major tell-all chat on US-TV on Monday night with Fox Nation's Tucker Carlson.

In it Piers, 56, will reveal in detail why he decided to walk away from his role on the ITV show following the furore over his comments about Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey.

And as well as turning his sights on Meghan any Harry ITV execs are likely to be diving behind the sofa too. 

The Sun can reveal how Piers is set to spell out how he believes some people running the channel are increasingly giving in to the woke brigade – and letting down some viewers in the process.

A source said: “Piers won’t be pulling any punches. He is still very disappointed about the way things finished at GMB. 

“For a while there was anger, but now that’s switched to a determination – a determination to continue standing up for what he believes in.

“He remains 100 percent convinced he was right about what he said with regards to the Meghan and Harry interview.

“And he remains 100 percent convinced walking away was the right decision. Piers felt, in the end, he actually had no choice.

“For a long time he felt certain people at ITV – not all – wanted him to tone down his style. But there was no chance of that. Piers wears his heart on his sleeve and in the end walking away became a point of principle.”

Meanwhile, Piers has told pals a large number of GMB fans who have already switched off since his departure will follow him to wherever he goes next.

“Piers senses there is a real momentum building among people who don’t want to be told how to think or how they should express their opinions,” our source added.

“He’s been inundated with letters, emails and cards from people saying they will tune in wherever he pitches up next. 

“Piers therefore thinks he has a duty to return to the screen and provide a voice for all the people who don’t have the platform which he is lucky to occupy.”

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