RHONJ's Joe Giudice hikes with his mother and daughters Gia, 19, and Milania, 15, in Italy as ex Teresa stays home in NJ

REAL Housewives of New Jersey alum Joe Giudice hiked with his mother and daughters Gia, 19, and Milania, 15, in Italy over the weekend.

The girls visited their father after nearly a year as his ex Teresa remained home in New Jersey.

Joe captioned a snap with Gia, Milania and his mom Filomena hiking: "Great day up on the mountain with family."

He shared another sweet snap of just Gia and his mom.

Over the weekend Joe, Gia and Milania posed at the bottom of the famous Spanish Steps.

This was their first visit since January, when Gabriella, 16, and Audriana, 11,also joined, because of coronavirus travel restrictions.

Over the weekend Gia and Milania also tried to teach their dad how to do a Boomerang video on Instagram.

He shared the video with his fans, captioning the sweet clip: "Having lunch with my girls"

On Thursday, Joe filmed himself nervously waiting at the airport for the girls' arrival, telling followers: "I'm having anxieties over here, waiting for my kids to get out.

"They [the authorities] got them in a little jail waiting for their flight – it got changed for some quarantine purposes, it's ridiculous.

"Travel nowadays, it's ridiculous."

He then took Gia and Milania sightseeing around Rome.

Milania said "Hi, Dad" in an Instagram video, as she panned to the Bravo star walking behind her, as he chuckled and replied: "Hi, my love."

Meanwhile, back in New Jersey, Teresa hosted friends for dinner over the weekend.

The reality star shares Gia, Milania, Gabriella and Audriana with his ex-wife Teresa.

They finalized their divorce in September.

Joe went to prison, alongside Teresa, for exaggerating their income, hiding increased assets and failing to file tax returns between 2004 and 2008.

Joe served 41 months in jail for wire fraud and bankruptcy fraud charges, while Teresa only served 11 months.

Joe was later transferred to an ICE detention center, and was deported to Italy last October.

He has been living in a small apartment in Salerno, as he never became an American citizen.

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