Richard Madeley sparks uproar with insensitive questioning of New York fire victim

New York: Winter Thomas discusses ‘devastating’ Bronx fire

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Richard Madeley, 65, surprised ITV viewers on Monday when he was back and presenting Good Morning Britain alongside Susanna Reid. Many weren’t best pleased to see him back on screens after he’d been absent from the show over the last couple of weeks, though and anger escalated as he and Susanna interviewed a young survivor of the tragic New York flat fire which has killed 19 people. Several were left fuming that the broadcaster’s interviewing was “atrocious” as he emphasised to the victim that those opting to jump from the building “didn’t stand a chance”.

Monday’s ITV staple saw Richard and Susanna discussing the latest news and debates from the weekend and the morning.

One tragic event being covered was the fire that ripped through a tower block in New York overnight, in which several children have already been declared dead.

Winter Thomas, who escaped the fire with her mother and siblings, appeared on the show to recall what had happened.

At one point, WInter tearfully described how she saw victims in the building and people jumping.

“They wouldn’t stand a chance then, would they?” Richard commented.

Twitter user Chris Henderson wrote: “Jesus christ this interview actually sounds like a f***ing interrogation ffs?

“The kids lost so much and Richard asks HOW YOU GOING TO MANAGE?? I mean wtf she’s a kid struggling to even talk on camera.”

Michelle Mundle argued: “#gmb the line of questioning from Richard is atrocious on this poor young girl. So inappropriate she is clearly traumatised.”

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