Shetland star Mark Bonnar addresses ‘very annoying’ role: Gets into scrapes

Shetland: Duncan promises to help Donna

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Shetland follows DI Jimmy Perez (played by Douglas Henshall) and his team as they use their unique skills to delve into crimes and crack cases. The BBC drama, which is currently on its sixth series, also centres around the relationship between Duncan and Perez as their unspoken tensions remain at the surface. Actor Mark admitted his character was “well-meaning” but that he’s “always getting into scrapes”.

Duncan is an indulgent father to Cassie Perez (played by Erin Armstrong), which sometimes causes issues between him and Perez.

But he would ultimately be on hand to help if he is needed.

On the duo’s unique friendship, Mark explained: “I think what Davy Kane [Shetland writer] has done with this relationship is… it’s a kind of love story in a way.

“Duncan and Perez are very different people but we have a lot of respect for each other even though Duncan’s ultimately very annoying and get himself into scrapes that are always avoidable.”

Speaking to BBC, the actor continued: “I think Perez looks on Duncan with an eye roll and a sigh.

“It’s like long-suffering Perez and well-meaning Duncan.

“Perez describes it perfectly at the end of series five – being pals with Duncan is like supporting the Scotland football team… you always hope they’re going to get there in the end!

“I think their relationship is a success because they’re sort of an odd couple and they’ve been thrown together by circumstance which is Cassie and they both love her very much.

“Seeing two dads together is a really interesting dynamic and it’s been interesting to explore it over the years and it’s just great working with Dougie.

“I think our chemistry really feeds into the chemistry of the two characters.”

In the latest episode of the Scottish drama, Perez was forced to deal with the aftermath of an attack that saw Logan Creggan (Stephen McCole) shoot his own son.

As a parallel story with Donna Killick (Fiona Bell) progressed, viewers began to form their own theories about what might happen next week.

Donna was recently released from prison due to a terminal cancer diagnosis which saw her return to Shetland.

Following a moment between the two in this week’s episode, some fans are fearing that Donna will frame Duncan for her death.

Debbie wrote: “Is Donna going to ask Duncan to help her die? And him being a softhearted idiot will do it #Shetland.”

@DorsetGirl added: “I’m not enjoying the Donna Killick storyline at all, and anything that takes Duncan away from Jimmy is by definition not good.”

Angela wrote: “Duncan don’t be taken by this manipulative murderer. She’s evil.”

Could Perez have to help Duncan out of the difficult situation in next week’s instalment?

The series is based on the novels of the same name by Ann Cleeves.

A BBC synopsis for episode five reads: “Facing a dead end in the hunt for Galbraith’s killer, Tosh leads Perez to the remote island of Fetlar. Donna asks Duncan for one last favour.”

Shetland continues on Wednesday on BBC One at 9pm.

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