Sunny Hostin Says Bethenny Frankel 'Yelled' at Her Kids Once and It Was Just Like 'RHONY' Blowup

“She knows I’m telling the truth,” says Hostin.

"The View" cohost Sunny Hostin has witnessed a Bethenny Frankel blowup firsthand.

While discussing Wednesday night’s explosive episode of "Real Housewives of New York" on the morning show Thursday, Hostin dragged Frankel in relation to her outburst at Luann de Lesseps in Miami. ICYMI: Bethenny went ballistic on her costar, calling her "sick" and "insufferable" after the recently-rehabbed Lu mocked Tinsley Mortimer for slurring her words. In short, she lost it.

While Meghan McCain said she believed Frankel, whose boyfriend Dennis Shields died of an overdose shortly before filming of the current season began, was having a "grief panic attack," her cohosts disagreed.

"It was one of the most scripted, rehearsed shows I’ve ever seen in my life," said Joy Behar, before Sunny chimed in with the real tea.

"I don’t know Bethenny, but I’ve seen her behave that way on the beach when she was yelling at my kids," she said, as producers in her ear presumably told her to wrap it up. "They’re telling me not to talk about it in my ear."

After getting the go-ahead from Whoopi Goldberg to keep talking, she said, "I’m just saying, I’ve seen that kind of behavior when Bethenny yelled at my child on the beach."

Cue the audience "Oooooooooos."

"It was on the middle of the day and my child was about 7 playing with other children at about 2:00 in the afternoon and she said that her child was napping inside with the window open and that our children were being too loud on the beach," Hostin explained.

"[She] yelled at my child and I went out there and stood in front of my child and I yelled at her and told her adults speak to adults," Hostin added, literally sipping her tea. "And she knows I’m telling the truth."

While Meghan said Frankel sent her "a very nice note" after her own father, John McCain, died, she noted, "I wasn’t there at that beach for that scenario." Hostin then deadpanned: "I didn’t get a nice note."

This isn’t the first time Hostin has called out Frankel for the alleged incident. In 2016, Sunny said the two had rented homes next to each other in the Hamptons when it happened. At the time, she said she told Bethenny, "adults that want to try to intimidate kids are just bullies."

Hostin noted that Frankel’s ex, Jason Hoppy, apologized for the incident and said that Bethenny "was very gracious later," sending her some SkinnyGirl products. Watch her previous discussion below:

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