Susanna Reid hands Kate Garraway a warning for ‘talking too much’ on GMB’

Susanna Reid took charge on Thursday's Good Morning Britain as Kate Garraway seemingly got carried away when discussing the future of exams in schools.

Kate felt passionately about the subject as her daughter Darcey, 15, is due to sit her papers next year but her workflow had been massively affected because of Covid-19.

While explaining the situation and calling for schools to resolve this soon to prevent additional worry for students, Susanna sharply interrupted her co-star.

She said to Kate: "There’s the music Kate."

Kate chirped back: "That means shut up and I will."

Host Ben Shephard also demanded answers, explaining that his child Sam was also in a similar position.

Earlier on in the show, Ben broke the news that he'd been absent after he'd suffered a horror injury.

Co-star Susanna, 50, opened the show, and said: "I wish I'd taken photograph of Ben who came into the dressing room with quite a get up on his leg this morning."

This prompted Ben to unveil that he'd actually sustained a painful football injury and now needs to wear a brace to support his leg.

Ben said: "A few weeks ago you may remember I played in the veterans cup – my old boys' league."

He went on to add: "Well I ruptured my ACL and fractured part of my leg again."

The Tipping Point host quipped: "I started off with two legs and ended up with one leg."

Ben went on to stun Susanna and Dr Hilary revealing that he hadn't even realised he'd been injured initially.

He explained: "I carried on playing for 25 minutes.

"It turns out I severed all of my nerves which is why I carried on playing."

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays on ITV.

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