Teen Mom fans call out Jenelle Evans for wearing the SAME purple bikini as husband David Eason's model ex Olivia Leedham

TEEN Mom fans called out Jenelle Evans for wearing the SAME purple bikini as her husband, David Eason's model ex, Olivia Leedham.

The reality TV star bought the bikini this past month while Olivia rocked it over three years ago.

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Over the weekend, Jenelle shared her new bikini on TikTok as she rocked the purple two-piece that she had just gotten from Target.

Along with the video of her showing it off, she claimed she was "done with the photoshop" and showed off her acne scars and cellulite.

However, Reddit fans noticed the bathing suit was familiar as they pointed out that David's ex had actually rocked the same bathing suit a few years ago when she did her photoshoot with Maxim.

One fan wrote: "I can't believe it's actually the same bikini … Dude."

A second one shared: "Wait y'all … she literally bought the same swimsuit as Olivia … SAME COLOR TOO."

And a third commented: "I can't believe she bought the exact same bathing suit. Never change, Jan, never change."

Janelle and Olivia have had a rocky relationship in the past as the model dated David back in 2013 and the two welcomed a son, Kaden.

Currently, Olivia has sole physical and legal custody of Kaden.

But their relationship was volatile, and in 2014 she filed a restraining order against David which also protected Kaden, because he reportedly assaulted her while pregnant.

In 2016, David was arrested for violating the order.

By 2017 however, Olivia and the courts agreed to allow David visitation rights, but by the end of 2018 the courts revoked the custody agreement, suspending his visitation rights.

David has been fighting the courts for more access, and in 2019 he and Jenelle launched a smear campaign online, accusing Olivia of being an "alcoholic, cheater, drug addict, scam artist and spouse abuser."

Jenelle has also had a personal vendetta against Olivia as she bragged that she had a similar body as her at one point.

Back in November 2020, David swore he was going to get Kaden back as he ranted on social media: "When the best moments are missed for years on end because of a grudge, you know you're obsessively controlling."

In another post, he wrote: "Just a few more months and I will have my son back in my arms! It's been too long! I never knew anyone could be so cold-hearted as to alienate my son from me but the truth always comes out and justice prevails!"

However, he has recently seemingly given up as he's been accused of excluding Kaden as he drew a cartoon version of his family and left him out.

In the cartoon, he had drawn Maryssa, his daughter from another relationship; his daughter with Jenelle, Ensley; and Jenelle's kids from previous relationships, Jace and Kaiser.

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