Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry's ex Chris Lopez poses with 'first born' Lux, 3, after insisting he is 7 month-old Creed's father

KAILYN Lowry's baby daddy Chris Lopez shared a sweet photo with their son Lux after defending Creed as his own.

The Teen Mom 2 star clapped back at fans who suggested Creed might've been fathered by another due to his light skin color and blonde hair.

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Chris, 26, shared three heartwarming photos with his first child, Lux, whom he also shares with Kailyn, 29.

The father-son duo posed on a picnic table as they enjoyed the outdoors.

Lux and his dad smiled happily as they played with toys and shocked fans with their similar features.

Chris captioned the photos: "Firstborn???," after he and Kailyn have confronted skeptics who believe their second son, Creed, is not his baby.

Seven-month-old Creed has seemingly taken after his mother, with light skin and blonde curly hair, though many have questioned whether his father could in fact be Chris with those traits.

One fan set the ex-couple off, as they commented: "Why does the baby look like Isaac rather than his real brother.

"LOL am I missing something. I mean Creed looks nothing like ur last kid and don't they have the same dad. I'm confused."

Kailyn then begged fans to quit talking about Creed's skin color and throwing out their conspiracy theories of his birthright.

"It's 2020 & we are still confused about how genetics work?!? IIIIMMMMM confused," she ranted angrily.

"Please stop messaging and commenting about my sons' color. Yes. Chris is his dad. But I'm white so there was a possibility that our child could be white. Imagine that."

Kailyn also reasoned that Chris is a quarter black so there was a "huge possibility" that Creed could "come out white."

In August Chris also roasted trolls who believed Creed to have another father.

In an Instagram Q&A a fan offered their opinion on the matter, writing: "Dude, that your baby is white. It isn't yours."

The father of two was displeased with the assumption, returning: "Ummm at one point Lux looked white.

"Y'all do know his mother is a white woman right? Is it abnormal for a white woman to birth a white-skinned baby?"

Earlier today Kailyn shared an adorable photo of her youngest son, as he lay on a blanket with a bright happy smile.

With an arrow pointing towards the top of his head, the MTV star wrote: "I think Mello will be my curly baby."

A few days prior, Kailyn gushed over her baby boy's hair further as he has started to take on her own features rather than Chris's.

"Genetics are so crazy," she wrote alongside a photo of her son's light blonde locks.

Despite sharing two small children, Kailyn and Chris have had a rough relationship over the last year.

The TV personality allegedly punched her baby daddy "several times with a closed fist" after he facilitated Lux's haircut without permission.

The mom of four also disclosed that she considered legally cutting Chris out of her sons' lives, for his "inconsistent behavior."

In a season nine episode of Teen Mom 2, the blonde aired her frustrations: "Chris is not stepping up like I thought he would.

"I f**ked up, like that’s the bottom line, I f**ked up by moving. I made that mistake and now I need to correct it."

Kailyn also has two sons from previous relationships, Isaac, 11, and Lincoln, 7.

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