The Chase fans rage as Shaun Wallace gets simple Disney question wrong

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The Chase fans were left shouting at their screens on Friday after The Dark Destroyer failed to get a simple question right.

Minutes into the show, The Dark Destroyer, whose real name is Shaun Wallace, was asked about Disney songs.

Reading out the question to the barrister and lecturer, host Bradley Walsh said: "Which of these Disney songs is NOT sung by characters while forgetting for and eating insects in the jungle?"

The options were, Hakuna Matata from the Lion King, The Bare Necessities from Jungle Book and Colours of the Wind from Pocahontas.

The Dark Destroyer plumped for The Bare Necessities – which was incorrect.

The correct answer was Colours of the Wind which is sung by Pocahontas as she runs through the forest.

In a double blow to The Chaser, the first contestant of the day Christie got the question right.

The teaching assistant from Swansea in Wales quickly buzzed in with the correct answer, moving her closer to home and safety.

Explaining to The Dark Destroyer, as Christie looked on open-mouthed, Bradley said: "Yeah, it's with Baloo.

"That is when they are eating all the apples and stuff like that so I can see where you got that wrong."

Not stopping there, he cattily added: "You don't watch the telly or films."

The fail was quickly picked up on by viewers who flocked to social media.

Taking to Twitter one viewer raged: "YOU HAVE GOT TO BD KIDDING SHAUN!

"The Bare Necessities is literally a song about foraging for food. Sheeesh! #TheChase."

Another exasperated fan simply tweeted: "Really Shaun? #TheChase."

The fail meant that Chrissie was able to get back to the rest of her team with an impressive £4,000 in the prize pot.

The Chase continues weekdays at 5pm on ITV

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