The Pact reveals Jack Evans's killer in explosive finale – but they escape justice in jaw-dropping twist

THE Pact revealed Jack Evans's killer in the explosive finale – but they escaped justice in a jaw-dropping twist.

The BBC drama has had many twists and turns and last night it was revealed Anna's daughter Tam was pregnant by her awful young boss, Jack.

*Spoilers ahead for the finale of The Pact*

Tonight, Anna tried to establish what happened after Tam and her brother Ryan followed her and her friends to the woods to play a prank on Jack.

A flashback revealed the siblings found Jack tied up, where he then taunted Tam about their unborn child, having already insisted she have an abortion.

He told her: "I will make your life a living hell and I will turn that kid against you and ruin your family."

He then gave an evil laugh and cried: "It's going to be so much fun f***ing you all up!"

Tam started to walk away but then she saw a red plastic bag, and decided to suffocate him with it, creeping up behind him and placing it over his head until he stopped breathing.

Anna and her police husband Max were then left to try and decide how to protect their daughter and cover up Jack's death, but it was too much for the teenager and she ran away from home.

After chasing her through the woods, Anna insisted that she would say it was her who killed Jack, even though it would mean a lengthy prison sentence.

She told Max to drive her to the police station, and as her family sobbed, she walked inside to confess.

But before she could, one of Max's colleagues came out and told him someone else had confessed to the crime already.

It turned out to be Anna's best friend Nancy, who had been in on the prank and had struggled with her involvement in Jack's subsequent death throughout the series.

In the interrogation room, she told the detective: "I want to make it very clear detective, I killed Jack Evans and I acted alone."

Moments later, Nancy was seen in a holding cell and Max sneaked a mobile phone through the bars so she could have one last chat with Anna.

Anna asked her why she had done it, and her friend replied: "We all have to pay for what happened that night in our own way but Tam has her whole life ahead of her and she's going to need her mum."

The drama then ended with the remaining three women returning to work, and Anna comforting her daughter in her bedroom.

Nancy was then seen sitting in her prison cell, looking calm and serene despite taking the blame for a crime she didn't commit.

The Pact is available on BBC iPlayer.

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