The Simpsons 'predicts' what may happen if people don't vote in US election

The Simpsons has made some pretty shocking ‘predictions’ over its decades on the screen, however should the show’s latest spooky episode tell us anything it’s that should people not vote in this week’s US election things are going to be pretty dire.

Still, for the show that ‘predicted’ Donald Trump would become president, it was always going to scrape in with a last-minute dig at the leader right before citizens of the United States took to the polls to flex their democratic right.

We’ve been waiting for what seems like four years to see how Matt Groening and co would treat the upcoming battle between Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden – set to finally end in the US today, should all go to plan – and now we’ve finally been graced with the 31st Treehouse Of Horror episode.

Earlier this week the long-running Fox animation, in its 32nd season, began with the anticipated Election Day, with the voters of Springfield waiting in a long line to cast their ballot.

So far seemingly pretty realistic, right?

However Homer is still waiting at home, with Marge badgering him from the polling booth that ‘Your vote for president has never been more important’.

Even during this election campaign the show released a short video of Marge addressing claims she sounded like Democratic vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris.

Sadly we’ve still got a bit to wait until the latest season lands on Disney Plus here in the UK, with season 31 arriving this week.

The Simpsons is available on Disney Plus.

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