The View's Whoopi Goldberg blasts co-host Ana Navarro after guest star ‘cuts her off’ in awkward moment on live TV | The Sun

WHOOPI Goldberg snapped at Ana Navarro, after The View guest co-host interrupted the star while introducing a new topic.

It all went down on Monday's episode, the first since the show celebrated 25 years with a Bahamas getaway.

On Monday's show, Whoopi was introducing a segment debating the recent Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, pointing out that Judge Brett Kavanaugh had to leave his dinner through the back door of a D.C. Steakhouse because of a peaceful demonstration out front.

As Whoopi paused while the studio audience reacted, Ana swooped in with her own comment and response.

"As for Brett Kavanaugh, let me take out my little violin," she stated, before Whoopi, wagging her finger at the camera, cut her off.

"Let me…let me just finish the thing," a disheveled 66-year-old clapped back, appearing to be thrown off by the interruption. "And then go to it."


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The host then stumbled her way through the rest of the set-up, before Ana was finally allowed to make her point.


Ana has been serving as a guest host on The View while ABC searches for a new member for the table.

The current lineup of the talk show includes Joy Behar, 79, Whoopi Goldberg, 66, Sara Haines, 44, Sunny Hostin, 53, and guest co-host Ana Navarro-Cardenas, 50.

At the start of July, a source close to the show revealed to The New York Post that a new conservative host will be added to the roster.

The insider revealed: “I would expect an announcement before the season ends on August 5.

“If you watch the show, you can see people who are coming back regularly to join the co-hosts at the table."

The source added: "It is an invaluable experience for the show. And it was always the plan to make sure they had a seat at the table.”

Republican panelist Meghan McCain, – daughter of the late John McCain and diplomat Cindy McCain – quit the show in July 2021.


Meanwhile, fans are convinced the search has been narrowed down to three potential candidates.

One of the potential candidates is Alyssa Farah Griffin, 33, the former White House Director of Strategic Communications during the Trump administration,

Another candidate added to the list is Tara Setmayer, 46, a former GOP communications director on Capitol Hill.

The name of Lindsay Granger, the host of Daily Blast Live, was also dropped in the thread. 

Fans assume the ABC network is "probably going to pick Alyssa at this point" but "feel Tara Setmayer should get the job," because "she has the best chemistry with the ladies and can disagree agreeably."


As for Ana, she celebrated helping the show set some ratings records while on location.

According to Nielsen, which tracks such data, The View ranked first in households during its trip, with more than 2.2 million viewers.

No other daytime talk show broke the two million mark.

The show's first getaway episode, aired on June 27, was its most-watched telecast in three months.

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On Twitter, the accomplishment did not go unnoticed by guest co-host Ana.

"Thanks for the View-ership!" she tweeted, adding a palm tree emoji.

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