This Morning viewers gobsmacked as guest holidays with stuffed dead dog

This Morning viewers were left unable to contain their shock on Wednesday after a guest Mitch appeared on the show to talk about how he holidays with his dead dog.

The American man appeared via video link with his girlfriend to explain how the deceased pooch even helped him find love.

Speaking to a stunned Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield, Mitch explained: "It was really my mum who was cut up and bereft Phoebe died.

"She put her in the freezer and she was about two months before she was rock solid.

"Nobody had any clue in the family. I was out of State and my sister was out of town. My dad was here but he had no idea."

Asked how his mum explained to him that she had got their family pet stuffed, the guest replied: "For me it was to place her on the table so when I got back from a flight I would walk in and see her.

"I immediately stated laughing hysterically. But yeah, that is how I was introduced to Phoebe."

He then went on to take the dead mutt on holiday with him and shared the snaps of their trips online.

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"It was surprising how quickly it went viral," Mitch added.

"I was in a weird breakup time and I decided to take her to the coast and did a photo and before I knew it it went viral.

"It was one of my room mates who told me about it actually."

Mitch even went as far as to put a picture of the dog on his dating profile.

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"Oh man there was so many mixed reactions," he explained to Holly.

"Some people thought it was cruel. Most thought it was hysterical but it is always a mixed back of reactions especially with social dating. "

The segment quickly sent social media alight.

Taking to Twitter, one fan mocked: "Only on This Morning could you have a segment about a stuffed dead dog then a segment about paddling pools."

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Another added: "Holly and Phil are trying to stay composed whilst talking to a guy in America who stuffed his dead dog and takes it on holiday with him. #ThisMornin."

A third chimed in: "She thought it was hilarious when she first find out the dog was stuffed. More like freaky. #ThisMorning."

Meanwhile, a fourth tweeted: "I mean really all I can think about is they kept their dead dog in a freezer and sent it off to get skinned and stuffed, IT'S NOT NORMAL. #ThisMorning."

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