Tiger King’s Carole Baskin unveils new ITV big cat show as she makes epic return

Carole Baskin has announced she is returning to TV – and she's "excited" to be working on a new ITV show about big cats.

This comes after the Netflix star, 60, revealed she wouldn't be returning to Tiger King for a rumoured second season – reportedly telling bosses of the show to "lose her number".

Tiger King – which became a Netflix hit during the first lockdown in 2020 – followed the eccentric world of big cat breeding in America – and it has made Baskin one of the most talked about people on television.

However, Carole is clearly still interested in being on TV as she was excited to declare she is filming a pilot for an upcoming ITV show.

Speaking on Radio 1 to Rickie, Melvin and Charlie she said: "We are working on an ITV pilot and I‘m very excited about that.

"It will be covering the kind of work we’ve always done which is going after the bad guys and bringing them to justice so I’m really excited about that right now."

When asked if she regretted appearing in Tiger King, Carole told the hosts: "For me, because of the fact that finally people are understanding the situation with big cats, our federal bill will pass as a result of people understanding that there is all of this abuse going on, it was worth all of the attacks on me personally.

"But if you think about it from my husband’s point, it was much harder for him and my daughter who felt they had to protect me from all of these vicious people and for me it’s like, I don't care, they don't know me.

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"So I’m happy about having done it if it gets that end result."

Carole was also asked about her feelings on Kate McKinnon playing her in a Tiger King drama miniseries, Carole admitted the actress could do a "convincing" impersonation of her.

She said: "That’s what I’ve heard, but she hasn’t reached out to me at all. She’s such a good study of people.

"I put out a diary post every day of my life so if she watches those and sees my mannerisms and probably from the mannerisms she got off of Tiger King, I think she could do a very convincing impersonation of me."

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It follows reports Carole, the owner of Big Cat Rescue, turned down a sequel series to Tiger King after producers reached out to her and asked if she would take part in the show.

Carole told Page Six: "I told them to lose my number", continuing: "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me".

The reality star claimed the producers placed her under the impression she'd be the heroine of the show.

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However, she continues that they explored rumours that she'd murdered her first husband, Don Lewis, before feeding his body to her tigers – allegations which she strongly denies.

Carole and her first husband Don were married in 1991, and he mysteriously disappeared in 1997.

After Tiger King was released in March 2020, the scandalous tiger series attracted a whopping 34.3 million viewers over its first 10 days.

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