Time to (Thirstily) Dive Deep into 'Bachelorette' Katie Thurston's Dating History

Katie Thurston is currently trapped at a resort in the middle of New Mexico filming The Bachelorette, where she’ll (maybe!) find love among a sea of eligible bachelors who (a) are hopefully here for the “right reasons” and (b) have pls-for-the-love-of-god been properly vetted by ABC’s casting department. We can only pray. Of course, before she was holed up in the desert chilling with hosts Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe, Katie was just a normal un-famous person dating other normal un-famous people. And now, my friend, it’s time to review her relationship history. Details? Sparse. Our ability to sleuth? Plentiful.

Katie Thurston (Obviously) Dated Matt James

Katie’s most recent ex is none other than Bachelor Matt James, duh. These two honestly didn’t get to spend a lot of time together on his season, and Katie’s stand-out moments mostly came when she was being the voice of reason amid a ton of drama in the hallowed halls of Nemacolin Woodlands Resort. But still, Matt and Katie had a few cute moments before he sent her packing after a one-on-one date:

“I just didn’t see that coming at all,” Katie said after being broken up with on national TV. “And I just felt like the blood drain from my face when he started to tell me that I wasn’t getting the rose tonight. I was already picturing what it would be like to spend time with him at a football game with Tyler [Cameron], and his friends, and my friends. Yeah, you start painting your future only for it to be erased.”

Womp, moving on.

She Was Single Before Matt

We know this because Katie is low-key TikTok famous, and chronicled her adventures in dating on the app prior to going on The Bachelor. Here she is talking about sexting from the toilet in September 2020:

9/10 times I’m texting you from the toilet 😂 #sext #text #dating #virtual

And here she is chatting about a blind date she went on the month before:

I’ve reached the blind date stage of my life. Advice on bailing a bad date.

Oh! And here she is talking about being a “single cat lady” in May:

Coming to terms with who I am #catlady

Katie’s Been in a Serious Relationship Before

According to Bachelor fans on Reddit, Katie did an AMA and someone asked about the favorite place she’s ever traveled. In response, Katie said “Taiwan. They don’t cater to American tourism which made it interesting. NGL though. It did help that my (ex)bfs fam interpreted for us.”

So, looks like her past relationship was serious enough that she traveled internationally with his family!

Nope, She Did Not Date Tyler Cameron

This rumor was floating around after Katie was sent home from Matt’s season, but she shut everyone down on Insta during a Q&A saying, “Tyler has a girlfriend so everyone needs to get this out of their heads.”

She Has Very Specific Dating Requirements

Attention Bachelorette cast: according to her ABC Bachelor bio, “Katie knows exactly what she wants in a man and is done wasting her time on boys who won’t live up to her expectations.” On that note, here’s her list of requirements:

Noted! Can’t wait to watch Katie’s season which premieres on June 7, and in the meantime, here’s an unsatisfying (SHOW US ACTUAL SHOW FOOTAGE, ABC!) trailer to get us started:


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