Toy Story actor Tim Allen left out of new Buzz Lightyear film as fans claim he's been 'cancelled' over Trump support

TOY Story actor Tim Allen has been left out of the new Buzz Lightyear film. 

The legendary comedian, 68, will be replaced by Captain America actor Chris Evans, 40, in the upcoming Lightyear origin-story film.

Allen voiced Buzz Lightyear in all the Toy Story movies for almost 30 years alongside Tom Hanks, 65, as Woody. But some fans think he was rejected over his support for the former US President Donald Trump.

Allen, a rare Republican in Hollywood, said previously he “liked that Donald Trump p***ed people off” and has described his politics as “kind of an anarchist”.

Author Brigitte Gabriel, 57, tweeted: “Tim Allen is the only person capable of being Buzz Lightyear. Did Disney cancel him for being a Republican?”

Another added: “Hollywood cancel culture strikes again. Tim Allen ­cancelled for being Conservative.”

Allen’s sitcom Last Man Standing was axed by US network ABC in 2017, despite it being one of the most popular shows at the time.

Fans thought it was because Allen refused to stop voicing his right-wing political views. 

He has claimed that he never came out in support of Trump, adding: “I literally don’t preach anything.” He appeared in the first Toy Story in 1995 and has reprised the role in several sequel films and animated shorts, voicing Buzz as recently as 2019 in Toy Story 4.

Some fans suggested the change could be because the film is about Buzz Lightyear the man, who the toy is later based on.

Evans, left, called it “a dream come true” to voice the character.

The film is due to be released in June next year. 

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