Unforgotten season 5 suffers another casting blow

Unforgotten: Sunny and Cassie try to uncover a murder

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The ITV series has been hit with yet another casting blow as Lewis Reeves, who played DC Jake Collier, is leaving the series for good. His character departed from series four leaving the door open for a potential return, however, the star has recently spoken out against the character’s return.

Lewis Reeves confirmed he wouldn’t be returning to the latest series due to scheduling clashes.

The star has recently taken a part in the Sky comedy Rosie Molloy Gives Up Everything, alongside Sheridan Smith.

He explained: “I’ve been doing [Unforgotten] for about four or five years now, and it’ll be the first one without Nicola, so it was a tough one to take.

“I spoke to Chris Lang, the writer, and Andy Wilson, the director, and if it goes for season six, I’m sure they’ll welcome DC Jake Collier back – [that’s] what I’m hearing, so fingers crossed.

“But it’s really nice now because I really love the show and I get to watch it now as a fan when it comes out, but really gutted not to be part of the team,” he added to Radio Times.

His departure in the previous series came after the COVID-19 restrictions were put into place, allowing the character to return in the future.

The finale of season four saw DCI Cassie Stuart (played by Nicola Walker) involved in a car accident and she later died of her injuries.

Speaking about the abrupt ending to the series, she explained: “If we’d known Covid was coming, we would have given people a less depressing storyline.

“I feel guilty because, when it came out, I thought ‘Crikey, we could have given them something more cheerful. The last thing they need is to be made to feel really sad about this brilliant cop.'”

Touching on her decision to step away from the show, Nicola said: “We talked a lot after season three about where it was going to go, and it was a joint decision.

“I think the clues were there in season three. The title of the show is Unforgotten and I think there’s a great deal of narrative beauty to this woman.

“She’s not going to be forgotten. I felt like she was quietly very unusual on television because she was a real person.”

Taking over the role is Sinéad Keenan, who will star as the new lead DCI Jessica James, with her first day on the job seeing time ticking down to solve a murder.

An ITV preview revealed: “Determined to make a good first impression with her new colleagues, will Jess be in the right frame of mind to deliver and inspire the team?

“And inevitably how will the ghost of much-loved former colleague Cassie Stuart haunt her? After all, Cassie will be big shoes for her to fill.

“Does she have the resolve, professionalism and spirit to live up to her much-admired and respected predecessor?

“Jess’s first case is the discovery of human remains in a newly renovated period property in Hammersmith, London.

“But how long have they been there and is this a murder dating back to the 1930s or has the body been disposed of in more recent times?”

Filming on season five began in March 2022 and finished in June, with writer Chris Lang marking the end of filming by posting a tweet from one of the series’ Paris locations.

Unforgotten series 1-4 is available to watch on ITVX.

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