Weather girl Lucy Verasamy flaunts endless legs in jeans on sun-soaked walk

Good Morning Britain weather presenter Lucy Verasamy continues to treat fans to the beautiful English countryside as she posts new photos of herself out walking.

Wearing a simple but stylish black jeans and white T, the presenter posted from somewhere in Nottinghamshire to share her love of the nicer weather and hats.

“A week for sun hats & spf again, strong June sunshine & muggy air if it’s cloudy.

"Love a hat! this one is by two sisters, Rosie & Alice, I met while working on @itvracing & I’d be a bit lost without it”

Rosie and Alice being a reference the founders of Hicks & Brown, an online fashion outlet that specialises in hats along with bags and brooches.

Lucy has been travelling the country while filming her Fresh Market Updates in partnership with ITV and Marks and Spencer.

With a focus on British farmers, growers and producers the production follows Lucy and co-host Chris Baber as they travel the country to beautiful places to discuss home grown food.

Only two days prior had Lucy posted a photo of herself alongside Chris Baber in a similar outfit.

Not far into production, the pair have only begun their first week on the shoot but were happy to see some nice weather.

She captioned the photo: "First week of filming when we’ve not been freezing."

To possibly keep locations private during production, Lucy has chosen to deactivate commenting on most of her recent posts.

When discussing the show previously Lucy had said: "Over the next few months I'll be travelling the length and breadth of the British Isles from the north of Scotland, right down to Jersey, meeting the farmers and the growers of M&S fresh food, with one question on my mind…

"Why do M&S believe that their food is not just any food?"

The short segments they film in each location air in the evenings on ITV but the shoot doesn’t stop Lucy from maintaining her weather segment role on other productions for ITV.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV and she appears on the ITV weather segments most evenings.

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