What happened to Vincent Hubbard in Eastenders?

KIM Fox tracks down her missing husband Vincent Hubbard next week in EastEnders.  

But what do we know about Vincent's mystery disappearance in the BBC One soap? Here’s the lowdown…

What happened to Vincent Hubbard in Eastenders?

Vincent disappeared in mysterious circumstances back in April 2018 when he fell into a trap set up by Phil Mitchell, crime boss Aidan Maguire and corrupt cop DCI Alsworth.

Viewers immediately smelt a rat when Vincent decided to leave the Square with Kim and Pearl, with the help of DCI Alsworth.

Vincent chickened out and called off their plans to flee, but Alsworth and Phil had other ideas, and Vincent was shoved into the back of a car and driven away from Walford. 

Phil watched from afar as the car drove off, and told a mystery caller he wanted to “put the frighteners” on him.

In dramatic scenes, Vincent was then seen in the middle of nowhere as a man brandished a gun and put it to Vincent’s head. 

However, a “duff-duff” cliffhanger at that moment left fans with multiple questions about Vincent's fate – would he die at the hands of Aidan and Phil, or leave for a fresh start in the back of the taxi?

Praising his exit plot, Richard Blackwood told Inside Soap at the time: "When I read the scripts, I thought, 'Okay, if this is what we're going to do, I'm going to deliver it so the viewers at home are left going wow.'"

Who played Vincent Hubbard in EastEnders?

Vincent, who was a regular on Albert Square between 2015 and 2018, was played by actor and comedian Richard Blackwood. 

Richard made his debut on rival soap Hollyoaks in March 2020 as Felix Westwood, the father of long-lost siblings Toby and Celeste Faroe.

Is Richard Blackwood returning to EastEnders?

Actor Richard hinted at his character’s return to EastEnders back in January 2019. 

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, he said of a potential comeback: “I think it's a smart move. I want to go back – EastEnders, I would go back. I've just had a baby on the show – I don't want to be an absentee dad!"

He previously said he missed Walford, revealing at the 2019 Dancing on Ice press launch: "I'm missing it in terms of the good times that I had there and the family I had there.

"But also, I'm happy to watch it from afar and see how it's developing, but you know I'd always go back there. If there is a chance, I'd happily go back. [The door] is slightly ajar, everyone loves a Vincent so I'm happy about that."

But whether Richard will ever return to EastEnders remains unknown, and fans will have to stay tuned for more information.

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