‘What is the answer?’ Susanna Reid exasperated with GMB guest over coronavirus test delays

Susanna Reid interviewed the Medical Director of Public Health England from his home on Good Morning Britain. Professor Paul Cosford was quizzed on the UK’s plan to manage the coronavirus outbreak and its aim to reduce the strain on the NHS. However, Susanna was determined to get to the bottom of the UK’s lack of testing when compared to other nations and became exasperated when Professor Cosford failed to give a direct answer.


In Germany, 70,000 people a day are now being tested for the virus and their death rate is lower than the UK’s at less than one percent.

UK ministers have said the UK is now aiming to test 25,000 people a day by the middle of April. 

But during her interview with the professor, Susanna grew increasingly frustrated over his explanations as to why the UK is lagging behind. 

After accusations by Michael Gove that a lack of chemicals was the answer followed by the chemical industry denying these claims, many people have been left confused by the real reason behind the delay. 

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