When did Khloe Kardashian go to jail?

KHLOE Kardashian, one of the famed Kardashian sisters, has perpetually been in the news since their reality show.

Khloe, star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, showed back in the first season of the show, that stars don't always get special treatment.

When did Khloe Kardashian go to jail?

Khloe Kardashian was arrested for DUI in 2007, in California. Her initial punishment was community service.

Alongside community service, Khloe Kardashian was ordered to complete an alcohol education course.

While Kardashian did successfully complete her community service, she also went on to violate her parole.

The reason Khloe Kardashian cited for violating parole was that she missed several sessions due to her busy schedule.

While some figure that a celebrity would get special treatment, that didn't happen to be the case.

The judge in her case decided not to be very sympathetic, and instead sentenced her to 30 days in jail.

Alongside the jail time she also would be forced to join an alcohol treatment program.

While her month in jail seemed frightening, in reality she wasn't behind bars for that long.

Instead of the 30 days she was sentenced to, in actuality she only served less than a day.

Ultimately Kardashian was released after less than three hours due to overcrowding.

This is a common practice for jails, who often release non-violent offenders if they're short on space.

At the time of her release, her representatives let the public know she was willing to serve her sentence.

Khloe's incident happened over a decade ago, and now the rest of the Kardashians can look back on it in a softer light.

At the time of her arrest, Khloe was still with troubled NBA player Lamar Odom.

Now, 10+ years into the future, Khloe is no longer with Lamar Odom, as the two separated surrounding Odom's drug use.

Khloe Kardashian is currently with her beau, another NBA player, Tristan Thompson.

The two have had their certain share of issues, mostly rumors of Tristan cheating.

Despite the turbulence, the two have a child together, Khloe's first, True Thompson.

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