Yellowstone plot hole: Huge flaw in Jamie and Beth’s flashback reveal uncovered

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Viewers discovered a horrific truth about Jamie and Beth Dutton’s strained relationship in the third season of Yellowstone. Unfortunately, the huge twist has sparked fury from some fans who spotted an embarrassing plot hole when the series aired on Paramount this summer.

The Dutton family were torn apart yet again in the closing moments of Yellowstone’s third season finale this year.

John Dutton (played by Kevin Costner) suffered a brutal shooting by the side of a road, while his children Beth (Kelly Reilly) and Kayce (Luke Grimes) were also targeted by coordinated attacks.

Heading into season four, the family will have to recover from their wounds and hunt down whoever’s responsible.

However, fans also discovered some hard-hitting truths about the dysfunctional family which threatened to dissolve them from the inside.

As Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley) realised he was actually adopted, Yellowstone also revealed why his relationship with his sister Beth has been so uncomfortable over the years.

In flashback sequences, the audience learned Jamie forced her sister to get an abortion at a Native American clinic when she became pregnant at a young age.

Worse still, Jamie also signed her up for sterilisation surgery without her permission, leading to a horrific discovery when she woke up.

While this reveal certainly explains why the pair have been so hostile towards each other over the series, fans have been questioning whether Beth’s forced procedure actually lines up with medical laws in the US.

One fan has posted a handy summation on IMDb which seems to prove Jamie shouldn’t have been able to get her sister sterilised at all.

They explained: “It’s revealed that Beth resents her brother Jamie because when she discovered she was pregnant, at about age 16, Jamie took her to a Reservation (Native American) health clinic for an abortion.

“What Beth didn’t know at the time was that Jamie also approved for her to be sterilized, which resulted in her not being able to have children in the future, with her boyfriend, Rip.”

Beth’s infertility has also put a strain on her on-again off-again relationship with ranch hand Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser).

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Although laws regarding abortion can vary wildly from state to state, this fan asserted the clinic shouldn’t have been able to perform sterilisation surgery since procedures were banned before the events of the series.

They continued: “However the timeline doesn’t work for this storyline, as Beth would need to now be in her 60’s and obviously isn’t, as the last forced sterilization was in the 1970’s.”

In the flashback, Jamie is encouraged to find a different clinic as the abortion at the Native American would also result in Beth’s infertility in accordance with the tribes’ beliefs.

The reveal raised plenty of eyebrows amongst Yellowstone’s fanbase, many of whom were unconvinced the clinic would go ahead with the procedure without Beth’s express permission.

Over on Reddit, some viewers have raised the contentious plot point as a major factor for season three’s perceived dip in quality.

One commented: “Am I wrong, but wasn’t it far fetched that reservation abortions comes with a free sterilization? Is that a real thing?”

And another user elaborated: “The story seems directionless with main female characters wearing less clothes, wanting sex, and kind of useless in this season.

“Not to mention there is less story about Native Americans since last season. The show is going nowhere.”

As production is currently underway in Montana, hopefully showrunner Taylor Sheridan can pick up the slack and bring season four back to Yellowstone’s former glory.

Yellowstone will return with season 4 on Paramount and Peacock in 2021.

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