A Veggie Burger From the Sea

Akua’s plant-based burgers are made from cultivated kelp.

By Florence Fabricant

These burgers made in Portland, Maine, are plant-based but not trying to be meat. Kelp is the main ingredient, and they’re bolstered with mushrooms, pea protein, quinoa, black beans, chickpea flour and seasonings for a satisfying veggie burger. They’re best seared on a griddle, loaded with condiments and piled into a bun. Even if you knew how kelp tasted you probably couldn’t guess it from sampling these new iterations. Cook them while they’re still frozen; a leaf of wax paper separates them in the package and it can be removed with a quick warm water rinse. Or cook two together as a double burger.

Akua Kelp Burgers, 3 ounces each, $48.99 for 12, akua.co.

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