‘Angela Merkel and Theresa May are losers’! Macron speechless at Trump outburst

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Donald Trump mocked both the UK Prime Minister and German Chancellor during France’s annual Bastille Day parade in July 2017, a documentary has revealed. Gerard Araud, the former French ambassador to the US, said President Trump made the comment while he was a guest of honour for the national celebrations.

The ambassador recalled Mr Trump asking the French President: “What do you think of May and Merkel?”

Before Mr Macron had time to answer, the US President said: “They are losers.”

Mr Araud revealed “Macron said nothing” in response to Mr Trump’s remark.

The former ambassador added: “Trump is from the real estate world of New York, which is a world of killers.”

Mr Trump had been invited to the Bastille Day Celebrations that year because it marked 100 years since the US entered the First World War alongside the Allies.

It also came just a few months after both Mr Trump and Mr Macron were sworn-in to office.

Mr Araud made the comments in the new documentary series ‘Trump Takes on the World’, which aired at 9pm BBC Two last night.

The new series, which has two other episodes yet to air, has been produced by award-winning filmmaker Norma Percy.

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In the documentary, the former ambassador went on to describe Mr Trump and Mr Macron as “two alpha males” who were “sizing up each other” when the pair first met.

Mr Araud described President Trumps’ handshake as “tearing off the shoulder of the person he was meeting”.

He continued: “And so Macron responded as another ‘alpha male’”, describing “a primitive jungle scene [with] two alpha males meeting”.

The handshake at the parade lasted for about 25 seconds.

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Francois Hollande, the former French President, recalled he warned Mr Macron of dealing with the US President before the pair’s first meeting.

Speaking in the documentary, Mr Hollande said: “I said to him [Mr Macron], don’t expect anything from Donald Trump.

“Do not think you’ll be able to change his mind.

“Don’t think that it’s possible to turn him or seduce him.”

Mr Macron’s relationship with Mr Trump deteriorated shortly after the pair first met, due to disagreements over policy.

The two world leaders disagreed over climate change policy, tariffs and Iran’s nuclear deal.

In December 2019, Mr Trump called the French President “very, very nasty”, after Mr Macron criticised the US for withdrawing troops from Syria.

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