BBC Weather: 39C European heatwave intensifies as temperatures set to skyrocket again

BBC Weather: Europe heatwave to 'intensify' across region

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BBC Weather forecaster Louise Lear noted that the hot weather is set to continue in Europe. Parts of the southeastern parts of Europe will see temperatures as high as 34C by Thursday. In the west of Europe, Spain and France will see temperatures exceed 35C.

Ms Lear said: “A large swathe of Europe remains under the influence of high pressure at the moment.

“Most of the sharp showers have been moving out of the Balkans towards Bulgaria, Hungary and then gradually moving into the Ukraine.

“That means we keep a good deal of dry weather but we are starting to see more heat building across Portugal and Spain.”

The BBC Weather forecaster highlighted that southeastern Europe will see some of the hottest temperatures collectively.

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Most of this area will see temperatures reach above 30C for Wednesday and Thursday.

Ms Lear said: “Taking a look at the Mediterranean, Turkey, the Greek islands and mainland Greece largely fine and quiet.

“You can see where we have got those sharper showers, particularly across here.

“Further north of that it is a quieter story.

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“It is not as hot as it has been across Scandinavia with the breeze coming off the sea now.

“There is going to be some rain and a noticeably cooler story in the north.”

The weather forecaster added that much of Thursday will see similar weather conditions.

Madrid will likely have the hottest temperature across the continent with 39C.

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Bordeaux in France falls just behind at 35C.

Ms Lear closed by saying: “There will be a good deal of dry weather on Thursday.

“Any showers across the Alps should be fairly isolated.

“The city forecasts keep that heat going for many particularly for Madrid but easing as we go towards the weekend.”

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