Boozy gran, 46, & pal threaten to SUE waterpark after breaking legs on flume as they snuck into pool at 2am

A PAIR of boozy pals have threatened to SUE a waterpark after they broke their legs on a slide when they snuck in at 2am.

Gran Claire Vickers, 46, and Barry Douglas, 44, were trapped in the flume for two hours and suggested they were now taking "legal action".

The duo were only found by police after reports of “kids messing about”.

They have since blamed the Lido's lack of security when closed for their horror accident.

Claire complained she and her mate now face a two-year recovery for their drunken antics – and believe they should be compensated.

Both suffered broken shins and shattered feet.

Claire had been in a pub for four hours before meeting Barry at his house for more drinks.

At 2am, she suggested they try the nearby lido for a quick dip. They crawled under a fence and agreed to try the slide.

Claire sat down and Barry put his legs round her to slide together. The water was off so Claire splashed some down the chute from the foot bath.

But as they sped down, they saw a steel barrier was blocking the exit. Claire’s snapped right shin pierced her skin and every bone in her left foot was broken.

She explained on This Morning that she was "lucky" to wake up with her foot after several operations.

She said: "It has changed my life completely. I was an active gran, I can't take her out for walks – she's only three, so she just keeps going: 'Nanny, can you get up and walk yet?'"

"That night I didn't plan on going out to do this, it just happened – and it has happened before to other people, so I just think something should be done about."

Barry recalled that the chains weren't locked to get up the stairs – and how he even opted to strip completely naked for the drunken adventure.

He added: "They should have security there. The fence should be secured, legal action has been taken."


But host Phillip Schofield confronted them both, arguing: "It's tricky as you shouldn't have been there in the first place – you haven't been prosecuted, which you're lucky about…"

Claire hit back: "Everybody makes a mistake, everybody has got drunk at some point in their life and made a silly choice and that's what this was."

Viewers at home appeared to side with Phil, with one tweeting: "Is this a joke!!! They really trying to make out it not their fault…. Because its too easy to break in & they're was steel barriers."

Another added: "Minimal sympathy for this pair on #ThisMorning. You broke in to a closed water park and let yourself in to an attraction.

"You did that. Now you’re saying that the park should have locked the slides? They locked the gates and you broke in. Ridiculous."

Former bartender Claire had described the pain as "excruciating" suggesting her experience "was like a scene out of a horror film."

“I looked over at Barry. He was in the foetal ­position and silent. That’s when I thought we were both going to die.”


She tried holding her leg together while banging on the tube and screaming for help.

But she said: “Every time I banged I let go of my foot and my shin and more blood came out.”

She added: “I nearly went head first — I would have been killed.”

Forklift driver Barry broke his left leg and both ankles. He said: “The pain was unbearable.”

Reflecting on how it affected his life, Barry said he'd been left unable to work and he is running out of money, he has had to move house, and suffers from depression.

No police action was taken but Claire, of Aldershot, Hamps, is sharing her story as a warning. She added: “I’m still having nightmares one month on.”

They were taken to Frimley Park Hospital in Camberley, Surrey, but had to be transferred to St George’s Hospital in Tooting, South London.

Mum-of-five Claire remained there for 2½ weeks and will not be able to walk for another six. She admitted: “We’re idiots — let that be a lesson.”

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