Boyfriend claims murdered girlfriend ’caused 121 injuries to herself’

A brutal bully who claimed his dead girlfriend's horrific injuries were self-inflicted during hallucinations has been found guilty of her murder.

Kevin Ashton, 45, reportedly tormented mum-of-three Helen Joy, 54, for years before savagely beating her to death then staging the crime scene at their flat in January this year.

Helen's body was found with 121 injuries, including a broken nose, 14 broken ribs and a bleed to the brain, Metro reports.

Liverpool Crown Court heard he killed her at the flat in Leasowe, near Liverpool, on Friday 29 or Saturday 30 and then stayed in the flat until leaving to buy cannabis on the Sunday.

He allegedly told his dealer: "The Mrs is dead."

The killer told the same news to his father the next day, who quickly called the police.

Helen's body found laying on a mattress with a bottle of Frosty Jack's cider, a photo of her former pet dog and a cuddly toy.

All of the items were all found to have been staged there by Ashton.

The killer was found drinking alcohol from a mug after Helen's body was discovered.

After being taken into custody, he moaned: "My f***ing bird is dead, and I’m getting the blame for it now."

Speaking to detectives, the 45-year-old alleged that the photo "meant everything to her".

But later added: "It looks dead dodgy now".

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Ashton claimed that Helen had been falling over for about two years, and sustained the injuries during hallucination episodes at home.

Jurors found Ashton guilty after just two hours and 23 minutes on Thursday, October 14.

He had three previous convictions for common assault against Helen in the past six years, the court heard.

A friend of the couple claimed they saw Ashton stab an empty cider bottle in her eye after she claimed he had been beating her for eight years.

Neighbours said they regularly heard the couple shouting at each other, but say Ashton was the only one that could be heard in the lead up to her death, prosecutors told the court.

A pathologist said the pattern indicated a "violent, recent and life-threatening blunt force assault, which involved blows to her head and also to her neck".

Ashton remains in custody until his sentencing, which is due on November 12.

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