Brian Laundrie TikTok sleuths convinced dead fugitive is ALIVE and 'posing as a cop' as other wild conspiracies revealed

INTERNET sleuths are claiming that Brian Laundrie is in fact still alive and is now living as a cop – among other wild conspiracies pushed in the wake of his skeletal remains being found.

Sleuths have taken to social media and TikTok to discuss their theories, with the latest claiming Brian is alive and well – and was even recently seen walking with his father.

In one TikTok video, someone posted a blurry photo showing a police officer with a resemblance close to Laundrie.

The man, seen in the photo wearing a baseball cap and glasses, was seen walking next to Laundrie's father Chris on October 7.

The user, posting under the name conspiracyteacrimetimeee, then captioned the TikTok: "Brian Laundrie's father seen laughing with officer who looks exactly like his son while on their search in Carlton Reserve."

The video carries onto the next image, showing a photo of Laundrie's profile side by side next to the photo of the officer.

"Searching for Brian with Brian? Anybody finding this very strange?" the caption read.

Other sleuths are going even further, claiming Laundrie's remains were never found because he's still alive.

One sleuth posted on Facebook that it is in fact fairly cheap to purchase human bones, claiming Laundrie's parents would have been able to purchase remains and place them in an elaborate attempt to keep their son alive.

"I'm joining the loopy theory bandwagon here," a user by the name Imogen Orchid posted in a Gabby Petito group on Facebook.

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