Britbox slaps 'racism' warning on old episodes of the Ali G Show

Britbox steeaming bosses slap racism warnings on old episodes of Sacha Baron Cohen’s Da Ali G Show

  • Da Ali G show appeared on Channel Four and was renowned for spoof interviews
  • Sacha Baron Cohen ridiculed his ‘guests’ asking them inappropriate questions 
  • Now modern viewers are advised they may find some of the content distressing 

TV bosses have placed a warning on Sacha Baron Cohen’s Da Ali G Show warning new viewers about ‘racist terms’. 

The comedy, which was broadcast on Channel 4 in 2000, was controversial for Baron Cohen’s depiction of an urban rapper and his spoof interviews. 

Ali G was renowned for ambushing people with inappropriate questions – including Donald Trump in 2003. However, the property tycoon walked out of the interview after only a minute. 

Sasha Baron Cohen’s Ali G character, pictured, was renowned at the turn of the century for his controversial spoof interviews where he fooled high profile celebrities into talking to him

Sasha Baron Cohen, pictured right at the MTV awards with his creations Ali G and Borat has been slapped with 

According to The Sun an insider said: ‘The warning will be greeted with disbelief by anyone who watched the original series which was almost universally liked.

‘There were some voices who criticised the show for allowing people to laugh at black, urban street culture, but the majority of viewers thought Ali G was hilarious.’ 

However, the series, which is now offered on the Britbox streaming platform warns sensitive viewers the show contains ‘crude humour, including racist terms which may offend, sexual references and strong language’. 

Later, the comedian targeted Rudi Giuliani in his movie Borat Subsequent Moviefilm. 

Secret filming shows Trump’s lawyer in a compromising position in a hotel room with a young woman acting as a journalist.

Mr Trump said of Baron Cohen: ‘You know, years ago, he tried to scam me.

‘And I was the only one that said: ‘No way. This guy is a phony guy.”

‘I don’t find him funny,’ the US leader said, adding: ‘To me, he’s a creep.’ 

One scene in Baron Cohen’s sequel to the original Borat movie shows Mr Giuliani on a bed, tucking in his shirt with his hand down his trousers after the woman helps him remove recording equipment.

Mr Giuliani called the scene ‘a hit job’, and said he realised he was being set up.

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