Capitol cop Brian Sicknick seen being sprayed with ‘chemical’ and wiping his eyes in unsealed riot video before death – The Sun

PREVIOUSLY sealed footage of Officer Brian Sicknick defending the U.S. Capitol during the January 6 riot was released on Wednesday.

Sicknick, who died a day after the riots, can be seen in the footage, which prosecutors say shows the moment the officer was hit with a chemical spray.

After moving away from the struggle at a police barrier, Sicknick appeared to pour water on his face in an attempt to wash off the alleged chemicals.

The footage, released by the U.S. Attorney's office in Washington D.C., was previously played in court proceedings related to the federal case against George Tanios and Julian Khater.

Both Khater and co-defendant Tanios are charged with 10 federal criminal counts related to their participation in the riot and for assaulting three police officers with the spray, including Sicknick.

On Monday, April 19, the District’s chief medical examiner ruled that Sicknick had suffered two strokes and died of natural causes a day after confronting the rioters.

As a result, experts feel the ruling will make it difficult for prosecutors to pursue homicide charges in Sicknick's death.


Tanios and Khater are accused of assaulting Sicknick by spraying a powerful chemical irritant at him during the siege.

Prosecutors have not tied the chemical exposure to Sicknick's death.

Footage of the alleged incident was previously not intended for public release.

Due to the pandemic, reporters had only been permitted to listen in to proceedings where the videos were played.

However, a motion filed by media outlets, which asked the government to release the footage, was successful on Tuesday.

Based on the the footage, which was then released on Wednesday, prosecutors say that Sicknick can be seen standing at a police barrier that the crowd is attempting to remove.

According to court filings, Sicknick was then sprayed with a chemical spray.

In the footage, Khater can be heard saying, "Give me that bear s**t," and "They just f*****g sprayed me," prosecutors claim.

Khater can then be seen holding a white can, which, prosectors allege, was the chemical spray that was sprayed toward officers.

The Justice Department has argued Khater's attack broke the police line, which, in turn, contributed to the security breakdown at the Capitol.

Numerous other body cam videos were also released Wednesday, with Sicknick appearing to be hit first.

Two other cops also reacted to being hit with the spray, according to reports.

Speaking of one female officer's injuries, the prosecutor said in court: "The chemical spray burned her skin to such an extent that three weeks later she still had scabbing under her eyes."

Sicknick was one of hundreds of officers who were confronted by the January 6 mob, which stormed the Capitol, seeking to overturn the election former President Donald Trump had lost.

Following the death of Sicknick – one of nearly 140 officers authorities say were assaulted that day – the medical examiner’s office provided an updated timeline leading up to the officer's death.

A statement said Sicknick collapsed seven hours and 40 minutes after he was sprayed, and then died nearly 24 hours after that.

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