Couple finds loaded revolver while ‘magnet fishing’ off bridge in Boston

Two people “magnet fishing” off a bridge in Boston reeled in a loaded firearm covered in mud, police said.

A man and a woman using magnets to fish off a bridge late Saturday behind Lemuel Shattuck Hospital in the city’s Jamaica Plain section made the unusual find when their equipment “made contact with something heavy,” Boston police said in a statement Sunday.

“Upon removal, they discovered that they recovered a firearm,” police said. “The firearm, a black snub nose revolver, was loaded and covered in muddy gunk.”

Investigators were unable to determine the make and model of the gun due to the mud. It was later turned over to the department’s Ballistic Unit for testing, police said.

The pair who found the firearm in Scarboro Pond was not identified by police. They were together when they made the surprising discovery, Boston police spokeswoman Officer Shandra Pinto told The Post.

“The investigation is still ongoing,” Pinto said Tuesday.

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