Covid 19: NHS nurse catches virus during Devon half term break

Family blast Haven Holidays as six of them catch Covid on trip to holiday park in Devon after ‘finding a used test kit in caravan’

  • A senior NHS nurse believes she caught Covid-19 while staying an a caravan park
  • Six out of ten members have tested positive for the disease since their break 
  • They were staying in caravans at the Devon Cliffs park in Sandy Bay, Exmouth 
  • The family claim they found a used Covid testing kit inside one of the caravans 

Six family members out of ten who travelled to a Devon holiday camp for a half term break contracted Covid-19 which they claim was caused by poor hygiene. 

The holiday makers claim they found a used Covid-19 testing kit in the caravan on the Devon Cliffs at Sandy Bay camp in Exmouth which is run by Haven Holidays. 

Now the family, who do not wish to be identified, fear they may have passed the virus to their elderly father who did not go on the holiday as he was ill with a pre-existing lung issue. 

Six members of a family – including a senior NHS nurse – claim they contracted Covid-19 while staying at the Devon Cliffs at Sandy Park caravan park in Exmouth

The family claims they found a used Covid-19 testing kit inside their caravan 

According to Devon Live, the family’s father has been taken ill since their return from the holiday camp and is awaiting the results of a Covid-19 test. 

Haven Holidays, who own the camp, said they have strict cleaning protocols before a new family moves into a caravan. They said the person who cleaned the caravan has not showed any Covid-19 symptoms. 

The family claimed the caravan was dirty when they arrived. They said they told the company about the problem using a mobile app before cleaning caravan themselves. 

Members of the family travelled from Portsmouth and Derby with several of them working for the NHS. 

They said they used to go to the caravan park as children. 

One family member said: ‘The cutlery and crockery were all dirty. There are no dishwashers in those vans so we had to clean all of those again. The cushions and walls were dirty with what looked like blood stains.

‘When we first arrived mine looked OK at first sight, but my sister told them she wasn’t satisfied and asked to speak to somebody – nobody came and so she went to reception the next day to complain.’ 

 One member of the family who contracted Covid-19 is a senior nurse with the NHS who spent the past 18 months caring for patients with Covid. 

She added: ‘It’s been a horrible time – I’ve not seen my parents in all that time because I wanted to protect them. We didn’t see them at Christmas – and now we have put them at risk and contracted Covid because of poor hygiene.

‘It’s not good enough. I’m off work – my daughter works for the NHS and she’s off work. My youngest daughter is a student with a part-time job. She’s off work and won’t get paid – the domino effect of this is massive.’

A spokesperson for Haven Holidays told MailOnline, they have implemented strict protocols concerning Covid-19 regulations. 

They said the family did not raise any issues about the cleanliness of the accommodation after they checked in. 

‘The following morning they contacted our team regarding the cleanliness of the scatter cushions which was addressed at the time, with one being taken from the caravan as a stain could not be removed. 

‘The cleaning was undertaken by a senior member of the team and the family were happy with the cleaning response. Later that day the family asked if the scatter cushion could be returned which was duly done. No other concerns were raised during the stay.’

The firm said they use specialist cleaning materials which kill viruses such as Coronavirus – including work surfaces, handles and TV remotes and refute any suggestion the caravan could ahve been responsible for the family’s infection.

They added that at the time of the family’s break they had no staff with Covid symptoms or in self isolation.  

 The spokesperson added: ‘Whilst we take all complaints seriously we also hold our cleanliness to the highest standards and would, if we had been made aware on arrival, re-cleaned the family caravan in line with our Caravan Cleanliness Guarantee.’

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