Dog who’s never wagged tail has spent 200 days in a home – and had one viewing

A rescue street dog who has never wagged his tail has been waiting for over 200 days for someone to give him the loving home he deserves.

Vinnie was a Romanian street dog who suffered from an abusive upbringing before arriving in the UK and was forced to live on the streets.

The timid crossbreed is extremely fearful and suspicious of other people and refused to let any of the rescue staff touch him. This means that he hasn't known the joys of a good petting that most dogs adore.

There is cause to hope, as recently the rescue staff at Oakwood Dog Rescue in Hull had a major breakthrough when the poor pooch ate a treat from a volunteer's hand.

A spokesperson for Oakwood said: “Vinnie is making so much progress and the fact he is now able to eat treats with staff so close just shows how far he has come.

“When he arrived, he was traumatised by the transport and hid away from us in fear.

“We know it’s going to take someone extra special to adopt him but we have rehomed dogs just like him before and they are now thriving in their forever homes and we know Vinnie will too, but until that special home comes along we will keep trying our best to build his trust.”

Vinnie is a three-year-old mixed breed roughly the size of a border collie. He’s very shy, and arrived at the rescue very underweight and malnourished.

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The pup is looking for a patient home to help him come out of his shell and teach him what it is to be a dog.

In June, Oakwood renewed their appeal to find Vinnie a home, after just one person had been to view him – but decided against adopting him.

Oakwood added: “Vinnie is a dog that has never wagged his tail at us in the rescue and they have never loved a human before. When taking on a dog like Vinnie you become their whole world, they finally learn to trust humans and learn that not all humans are scary.

“He cannot currently be touched at the rescue and so has never known a kind hand. The day that you can touch Vinnie will be an incredibly special moment for you both.”

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The perfect home for Vinnie would be adult-only, with no cats, but would be happy to live with a female dog.

The rescue said: “Vinnie is not currently lead trained as they are so frightened. Staff will advise you on how to teach them to walk on a lead when they are ready.

“He has had a very traumatic past and is scared to death of humans, so is going to need someone that will give him all the time in the world to let him come around in his own time with no pressure.

“Vinnie needs an adult only home as he is very timid. He has been under socialised with people and has had an abusive upbringing so needs to learn that people are not that bad.

“He loves his doggy friends and makes more as the days go on. Dogs like Vinnie are a project but the rewards from adopting a dog like him outweigh the struggles they may have at the beginning.”

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