Footage of cops appearing to ignore Atlanta drive-by shooting doesn’t tell whole story: police

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New video appears to show police in Atlanta ignoring a drive-by shooting in an upscale residential neighborhood — prompting outrage from a community leader who is pushing for the enclave to secede from the city over the rising crime.

The video, released by Buckhead City Committee CEO Bill White and played on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Monday, purportedly shows a white car firing shots at a dark van as it drives through the affluent area.

A bullet penetrated the van and hit a pedestrian, as police sat nearby and failed to pursue the suspect amid new rules on police chases, White said on the show.

He did not specify when the footage was taken in a clip he shared to Twitter, but police said the incident happened Jan. 3.

“They’re shooting out of the car at these helpless passersby on Pharr Road, and they’re shooting, and they’re shooting,” White said. “One of the bullets comes right through the truck and hits one of the people walking.”

“You can see as the car drives by there’s two blue lights shimmering off of that reflection on the truck. You know what those are? Those are two Atlanta Police officers in marked cars with their lights on.

“My friend who took that video ran down to find out why in god’s name they didn’t chase that person who attempted to murder all those people. And they were told that Mayor Bottoms issued an order not to chase cars around Atlanta because she doesn’t want police getting in accidents.”

The non-pursuit policy was actually implemented by police officials in 2020, and reversed earlier this year with revisions that allows cops to chase suspects who have committed murder or involuntary manslaughter and who present an imminent threat of death or serious injury. A supervisor must approve any police pursuits.

“The policy itself is much more restrictive than it has been in the past,” Police Department Interim Chief Rodney Bryant told the Atlanta Journal Constitution in January. “After we added significant restrictions to it, we lifted the suspension.”

In a lengthy statement to The Post, Atlanta police officials took issue with White’s narrative of the incident — saying it contained “blatant falsehoods, and distorted facts,” while adding it is “extremely frustrating to see our efforts minimized.”

“Several APD officers were near the incident, heard the shots being fired and immediately reacted,” Atlanta Police Sergeant John Chafee wrote.

“One officer did observe the suspect vehicle leaving the scene and he was also advised by witnesses there were additional armed suspects in a nearby parking deck. The officer chose to secure the scene and provide a lookout of the suspect vehicle to additional responding officers. While on scene, the officer provided medical care to preserve the life of the wounded.”

The department is “proud of the efforts” of the officers and are “confident the person behind this shooting will be brought to justice,” Chafee said.

The Buckhead City Committee is demanding emergency hearings in its efforts to leave Atlanta and form a separate municipality with its own police force, White said last week.

“Given everything that’s been going on here, it’s getting worse and worse and worse,” he told Fox News. “So what we’re doing because of the murders going through the roof and the attempted murders, and the lack of leadership and nothing changing — the insanity continues — is we’re demanding emergency hearings on our cityhood bills.”

Murders in the neighborhood had increased from five by the end of last month in 2020 to seven across the same time period this year. Killings were up 63 percent in the entire city, according to the report.

The push for secession comes a week after a suspect allegedly shot a pedestrian, fired at joggers and ran over another man in a Buckhead crime rampage.

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