Full weather forecast where you are as Brits to melt with four days of sun

Summer vibes and sunshine has returned to the UK just in time for the Bank Holiday weekend.

The latest weather forecast shows Brits will be able to enjoy several days of sunny rays over the week ahead, proving the summer hasn't been a complete washout.

According to the Met Office, there are another four days of sunshine left we can look forward to.

The high mercury is expected to travel into next week.

It's good news as next weekend will see the return of rainfall and strong gusts that could dampen plans.

Forecaster Craig Snell said: "Next weekend we may start to see spells of rain and stronger winds moving into the south. In the north, it looks like it will remain as it is now."

But, before it starts to take a colder turn, here is the full Bank Holiday weekend forecast for your area.



Sunday will start cloudy, with some areas seeing mist and a minimum temperature of 9C. After the cloudy start, they'll thin before offering breaks of sunshine. The afternoon will feel chilly with winds with highs of 19C.


Slightly cooler moving further west, with lows of 7C and highs of 23C. Fog in the morning will clear eventually leaving dry spells and plenty of rays. It'll feel warm in sheltered areas.

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Isolated patches of cloud overnight will remain in the early morning, feeling bitterly chilly at 5C. Skies will clear in the later morning for drier conditions before turning briefly in the afternoon. Highs are expected at 23C.

Yorkshire and Humber

A better start to Sunday with a minimum temperature of 11C and light winds but a cloudy start. Bright and sunny weather will return for most of the day, but mercury won't get higher than 20C.

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East Midlands

Another fine start with 11C, with some mist possible across Derbyshire Hills and light winds. Wind will feel fresh on the coast and highs of 20C throughout the day.

West Midlands

Brits can expect a minimum of 8C as they wake up on Sunday, with clouds from dawn. However, sunny spells will develop throughout the day and bright and blue skies. It'll feel warm with maximum mercury of 22C.


Possibly a foggy and misty start inland, with a chilly start to the day at 5C, although the early fog will clear and make way for a dry day. Clouds are set to return later on before clearing up, highs of 23C.

London and South-east

A similar pattern for the capital and home counties, with chances of a few showers in Kent. A cloudy start to the day and it's set to be cooler further south-east, with more possible rain later in the day. Maximum of 22C for Sunday.

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It'll be warmer in Scotland with a minimum of 11C in the morning and a dry day throughout, before highs of 20C. Warm sunshine will breakthrough in the afternoon, especially in the southwest.

Northern Ireland

All areas will see dry spells for the second day of the three-day Bank Holiday weekend, with warm sunny conditions breaking through clouds in places throughout the day, a maximum of 20C expected.


Clear skies overnight will lead to foggy conditions in the morning, but dry spells will remain for most of the day. Skies are set to clear in the afternoon and it'll feel warm with highs of 23C.

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