George Michael’s ex-boyfriend Fadi Fawaz rants ‘I love smoking crystal meth’ in bizarre Instagram video

GEORGE Michael’s ex-boyfriend Fadi Fawaz has been filmed ranting “I love smoking crystal meth” in a bizarre Instagram video.

In the video the 47-year-old says “I love smoking Tina” in reference to ‘Christina’, which is slang for the class A substance in the gay community.

“It is my life and I will do whatever I want to in my life and if you don’t like it f**k off,” he says.

“I do love smoking crystal meth and it’s none of your f****g business.”

It comes after he was accused of causing around £800 worth of damage by shattering a window at Le Fix Natural Beauty in well-heeled Fitzovia, central London before Christmas.

He is due to appear in at Westminster Magistrates on January 26 to face charges in connection with the incident.

Fawaz found the former Wham! star, 53, dead in bed on Christmas Day in 2016.

Michael, whose real name was Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou, left Fawaz nothing in his £96.7million will.

The pair met in 2009 and became lovers after the singer's split from his long-term American partner Kenny Goss.

Fadi, who has battled drug and alcohol addiction, has been living rough and at budget hotels in East London.

In July 2019, he was arrested after reportedly going berserk and causing extensive damage to George’s house.

He is said to have smashed windows, furniture, fixtures and fittings — destroying toilets, walls and ceilings with a sledgehammer.

George’s family tried to boot Fadi out of the house, near Regent’s Park in central London, but he refused to go -vowing he would only leave “in a box”.

After he was arrested they changed the locks and he was put up at a £49-a-night Travelodge by social services.

Days before Christmas, Fawaz was also caught breaking into the pop star's £5million home by smashing his way through a window.

He was dragged out by officers after he screamed: “This is my place. George wanted me to have it.”

According to the NHS, crystal form of methamphetamine – crystal meth – is an extremely powerful and highly addictive drug that gives intense, powerful high followed by a very severe comedown.

As well as physical harm such as an increase in the risk of heart attack, it can also have severe psychological effects.

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