German man claims British heiress died in an ‘erotic game gone wrong’

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A former bouncer from Germany accused of killing a 22-year-old British heiress for money in a posh Swiss hotel is reportedly claiming she died in an “erotic game gone wrong.”

Marc Schätzle, 30, who used the name Marc Dirtywhite, faces trial in Switzerland in the death of Anna Reed, 22, heiress to a multimillion-dollar racehorse fortune, The Sun reported.

The heavily tattooed father-of-two and Reed — whom he met in Thailand while she was on a round-the-world trip — booked into the Hotel la Palma au Lac in Locarno, at the foot of the Swiss Alps, in April 2019, according to the outlet.

She was found dead in their room’s bathroom. An autopsy revealed that she died from strangulation, and also suffered small cuts and bruises.

Schätzle has claimed Reed died in an “erotic game that went wrong,” according to Swiss prosecutors.

On the evening of her death, the couple had shared a $140 bottle of champagne over dinner before returning to their hotel penthouse, The Times of London reported.

Guests reported hearing a loud argument from the room before Schätzle arrived in the lobby to say the woman was unwell, according to the paper.

A hotel source told The Times that the man — who had the word “warrior” tattooed on his forehead — seemed “agitated.”

“The receptionist could tell by his tone that it was serious so called an ambulance,” the source told the outlet.

“The medics went straight up to the room. She was on the floor of the bathroom.

“They tried to resuscitate her but there was no response. She was already dead,” the source added.

Schätzle allegedly traveled the globe with the proceeds of an insurance scam, according to The Times.

Five months after her death, investigators found Reed’s credit card hidden in a panel of an elevator at the hotel and suspect Schätzle stole it from her either before or after her death and hid it.

He later claimed he had hidden it there as a joke, the paper reported.

“The bank card was very carefully hidden away and quite clearly it was to be collected later. The claim that she died in a sex game was never convincing,” a prosecution source told The Times.

“We believe that she was murdered for financial gain,” the source added.

Reed, of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, had moved to Berlin and was traveling around the world as a 21st birthday present from her father, Clive, 63, who owns a racehorse stud farm, the outlet reported.

Her mother, 49-year-old Mary, died in 2014 after falling down a flight of stairs.

Schätzle’s former partner, the mother of his two kids, told a Swiss news outlet she did not believe he killed Reed intentionally.

“He has a problem with alcohol and cocaine and he was always able to travel to nice places,” Michèle Bochsler told The Times. “He betrayed me but he is not a violent man.”

She added: “I am 1,000 percent sure he did not mean to kill this young woman. He never, ever has been violent. Never, ever. It’s just not possible. I am so sure that he is innocent. It was an accident, it must have been.”

Schätzle, who has denied deliberately killing Reed, is charged with intentional homicide, theft, fraud and drug offenses.

His social media name, Marc Dirtywhite, refers to a street term for “raw cocaine,” according to The Sun.

The alleged fraud involved claiming £4,100 a month for a year in state compensation after a 2017 accident, The Times reported.

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