Girl, 6, killed by snake after it slithered into the toilet of family home

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A six-year-old girl has died after being bitten by a snake that slithered into the toilet of her family home.

Tamara Abdul Rahman's distraught father said that she did not see the snake before the attack at her home, in the city of Abha, Saudi Arabia.

She was taken to the Asir Central Hospital, in a south-western region of the country, where her condition worsened. She was moved to the intensive care unit but died soon after.

Tamara's dad said she had been pleased to return to school following the easing of Covid restrictions before the tragedy struck on Wednesday, the Mirror reports.

He said: “She was happy to return to in-person learning at school, but what (is there) to say.

"It is Allah’s wish.

“The snake was lurking in the bathroom in our house for my daughter, and given the girl’s age, she did not notice that it was in the toilet until she was bitten by it, amid the family’s astonishment as we never expected to see such animals in the toilet, especially as we live in Abha City.

“She was taken to hospital and was admitted and treated, but fate was not on her side.

"She died despite receiving medical care after going through difficult health conditions.”

He added: “I believe in Allah and I am satisfied with everything. He writes for us.”

There are a number of species of snakes in desert and mountainous regions in Saudi Arabia.

The country’s venomous snakes mostly belong to the viper family and include the carpet viper, the saw-scaled viper, the Persian horned viper, and horned vipers.

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Meanwhile, a British dad was blinded after being bitten twice by one of the world’s deadliest snakes, while he was also battling his second bout of coronavirus.

Social enterprise CEO Ian Jones was hospitalised for three weeks in northern India last year after being bitten by a black king cobra.

The 50-year-old, who lives in the village of Niton on the Isle of Wight, passed in and out of a coma and was given anti-venom, oxygen and CPR in order to survive.

Doctors told him he was incredibly lucky to survive the double bite from the king cobra – which has enough venom in one bite to kill 20 men.

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