Hairless French bulldogs created by breeders branded ‘monsters’ by vets

Dog breeders have been slammed for creating "monster" hairless French bulldogs.

Vets and animal welfare groups said the designer Frenchies face painful acne, dermatitis and are at increased risk of skin cancer, the Express reports.

US website Major League Frenchies, who are not breeders, shared a photo of a puppy named Bonsai in a Christmas hat, writing: "It is our great pleasure to introduce to you guys the very first young adult hairless hypoallergenic French bulldog to enter the US."

Cristina Diaz-Madronero, a vet who specialises in dermatology, said: "I was so horrified when I saw this poor dog.

"The breeders have created a monster. French bulldogs already have the short straw when it comes to health.

"They have almost no mouth and no nose, so have breathing issues, and many of my clients who come to me with skin conditions are French bulldogs."

She added: "They suffer with environmental allergies and atopic dermatitis, but to take the fur away, it's horrendous, it's so cruel.

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"These poor dogs are at risk of sunburn and cancer and for what? They claim it's hypoallergenic but it's not, at all.

"It's not a breed that nature would create and it is the dogs that will suffer."

Vets are already struggling to cope with breeders creating unhealthy dogs to cope with rising demand.

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A spokesman for Major League Frenchies,said: "The dog is in excellent condition. People just fear what is unknown and hate any kind of change.

"There are many breeds that are hairless and are as healthy as can be. They have been around for hundreds of years.

"I did not breed the dogs that produced her, I simply purchased her from China.

"As for the dog, she lives like a prince since I did pay a large amount for her."

Teresa Cargill, from UK charity Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue, said: "There is no reason to breed these dogs other than for shock value. They're for people who want to have something different."

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