Hamilton toddler hit by car: Driver 85, sentenced for failing to stop at lights

An 85-year-old man who drove through a light-controlled intersection hitting a small boy has had his licence taken off him for six months.

Narahenpitage Norbet De Costa, 85, was also ordered to pay the family of Bodie Hamilton $2800 after the 3-year-old was hit on a light-controlled intersection on January 14, this year.

De Costa was arrested and charged with careless driving causing injury after the incident on Discovery Dr, Hamilton.

He pleaded guilty and today reappeared in the Hamilton District Court before Community Magistrate Kathryn Wilson where he was convicted and fined.

Bodie’s mother, Hayley Hamilton, earlier told the Herald they had just left their nearby home, heading to Discovery Park.

Bodie pushed the button at the crossing, before walking across when getting the green signal.

At the same time, De Costa was heading west along Discovery Dr and failed to see the red light and the pair crossing the road.

Bodie – who has made a full recovery – was hit and thrown several metres into the air before landing on the road.

De Costa’s counsel, Glen Prentice, said he was remorseful for what happened and had no other bad driving history.

“It was a bad error of judgment on the defendant’s part. He has to accept that the light was red, he went through the red light.

“Looking at the CCTV footage the young boy has run out on the road and it’s just an unfortunate string of events that has led to what’s happened.”

De Costa could pay the victims $1000 initially and pay the rest off at $40 per week.

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