Heart-stopping moment sleeping bloke is startled awake by massive bear pawing at his foot while lounging by his pool

A MAN taking a nap by his pool was awakened by an inquisitive black bear who sniffed his foot and gave him a pat before fleeing.

Matthew Bete from Massachusetts was relaxing in a sun chair on Saturday when the unexpected visitor strolled in and took a drink of pool water.

After quenching its thirst, the animal notices Bete sleeping on the sun lounger before sniffing his foot and patting it with its paw.

The move startles the man, who’s sudden movements scare the bear away.

As the bear makes a run for it, Bete manages to grab a camera to capture the whole thing on film, while he's home security camera also catches the bizarre moment.

The video was posted on Facebook by his wife, Dawn who wrote: “Matt was a little startled yesterday while taking a rest by the pool.

In a comment, she said she thought her husband was joking when he told her about the incident.

“Of course, I thought he was kidding! He told me to look at the Ring video. Sure enough…”

She also said her husband was so startled but picked up his phone to get a snap of the bear with no luck.

“He wasn’t sure how he should react but knew he couldn’t get up that fast but at least he had another chair and table between them if needed.”

Massachusetts has said that black bears have been expanding their territory across the state in recent years, according to Mail Online.

Earlier this month, the moment a 600lb grizzly bear sped to a group of hikers carrying a toddler was caught on camera.

In North America this year, there have been three fatal bear attacks.

A 46-year-old man was killed while clearing a path mile away from his home in Alaska.

More recently, a 44-year-old woman was killed in an attack in Canada on Auguist 20.

The National Park Services have issued out a warning for anyone who encounters a bear.

It says: "When the bear charges you, hold your ground and stay calm.”


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