Huge ‘eyesore’ of scrap metal dumped without consent, Auckland mayor says

A large mountain of scrap metal dumped on the side of the road in South Auckland has been dubbed an “eyesore” and “environmental risk” by Auckland mayor Phil Goff.

The company behind the “reckless and illegal dumping” has been served two abatement notices by Auckland Council and could be forced to pay $600,000 if it does not comply.

Complaints were made at the end of April about the large pile of scrap that had gathered on 30 Great South Rd in Takanini over a number of days.

A council compliance officer visited the site and was told by the company that the land was being leased and the scrap stored there temporarily while their main site in Onehunga was getting cleaned up.

But Auckland mayor Phil Goff said Aucklanders are “sick and tired of a minority of individuals flouting the rules”.

“This is one of the biggest piles of scrap metal that council has ever seen dumped without consent.

“It’s not only an eyesore, but also an environmental risk, with the potential for things including oil and chemicals to runoff onto the site and leach into the ground.”

The company, which Auckland Council has not named, has until June 10 to comply with the abatement notices.

“If they fail to comply, council would consider taking further action including prosecution under the Resource Management Act which carries a maximum penalty of $600 000 for a company,” said licensing and regulatory services general manager James Hassall.

Auckland Council invested $200,000 towards a hotline number, new CCTV cmaeras and enforecement staff to crackdown on illegal dumping in 2018.

• The council encourages residents who see dumped rubbish to call 0800 NO DUMP (0800 66 3867) or email [email protected]

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