Hundreds of people including kids re-enact deadly Squid Game’s Statues in street

Scores of kids played their own Squid Game in a busy city centre street – and thankfully it didn't end like those in the hit Netflix series.

Crowds of Dutch fans played Statues – also known as Red Light, Green Light – in the middle of the road.

Anyone spotted moving in the show is shot dead immediately and without remorse.

But in the friendlier Netherlands iteration played by residents of Rotterdam, the only punishment was a portion of warm milk and cookies.

And the winner took home their own green tracksuit, just like players in the smash-hit series.

Known as Annemaria Koekoek in Dutch, the Statues game was even fitted with pink tracksuited marshals and the unforgettably terrifying giant doll.

Some Brit parents fear their kids could become bullies if they watch the world-famous series a little too closely.

Psychologist Sandra Wheatley said: "Clearly there are messages there that we really don’t want our kids to take on board."

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And John Bramston primary school in Ilford, east London, wrote to parents warning them pupils were copying scenes in the playground.

The 15-rated series has been watched by more than 111 million households worldwide.

Season two of the global hit has already been sought after by tens of millions of people globally, especially as the open-ended climax leaves so much to be desired.

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But director Dong-Hyuk has remained tight-lipped on the prospect, which means Squid Game could find itself in different hands come season two.

Even so, some parents will be hoping Squid Game never hits our screens again – as long as milk and cookies aren't the ultimate prize.

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