I lived next to serial killer Peter Tobin…he was so creepy and I'm convinced I know where his missing victims are buried | The Sun

A NEIGHBOUR of serial killer Peter Tobin says she's convinced she knows where the "creepy" man buried more missing victims.

The woman has recalled how when she lived next to the Scottish murderer he would be up late at night moving a wheelbarrow full of "waste" to different locations.

She has also told of the haunting moment she and a friend bumped into him with the wheelbarrow, while he was "meticulously tucking the tarpaulin around his load".

Evil Peter Tobin took his final breaths last month while serving life for the murders of Angelika Kluk, Vicky Hamilton and Dinah McNicol.

But, many more victims were always suspected.

And the killer's former neighbour, who lived next door to where he buried the mutilated bodies of teenage girls Vicky and Dinah, is almost certain that's true.

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The woman, who has not been named, thinks more victims may be buried near the garden the twisted man used as a graveyard, in a cabbage field, in Margate, Kent.

She told the Daily Record: “I thought Peter Tobin was creepy, a weirdo.

"He was always out late, often at about 11.30pm. We’d hear him before we’d see him – the haunting squeal of his wobbling wheelbarrow and shuffling steps along the alleyway."

The woman said the alley led from Tobin's back garden, through a gate, to empty garages.

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She recalled: "It was just a few minutes’ walk but you could see Tobin struggled with the weight of the wheelbarrow at times.

"We sometimes saw him tipping the contents of his wheelbarrow into a cabbage field but one night when a friend and I were out walking the dogs, we saw him close to the derelict garages."

The woman said the evil man was hunched over his wheelbarrow, "meticulously tucking the tarpaulin around his load".

She added: "As we neared him, the dogs started going crazy, barking and jumping towards the wheelbarrow, trying to pounce on whatever was beneath the tarpaulin.

“I thought, ‘What the hell is he doing with that wheelbarrow at this time of night?’

"My friend started chatting to Tobin. She asked him, ‘What are you up to, Pete? What’s in the wheelbarrow?’ He cackled and said he was ‘getting rid of some mud’ from his garden and ‘picking up some hardcore for my pool’.

"I steered my friend and the dogs away. Tobin freaked me out.”

The woman said her blood "ran cold" when Tobin's teenage victims' bodies were found in 2007, wrapped in bin bags in a makeshift grave in the house she once lived next to.

She claims she had heard the killer digging a chest-deep hole in his Irvine Drive back yard.

The neighbour said: “When those two girls were found in his garden, I couldn’t believe it – I’d heard him digging that grave.

"I’d seen him digging elsewhere on the estate and thought, ‘Oh my God, I lived a stone’s throw away from a serial killer.’

"There was a lot of speculation about other young women missing. I was worried he had killed other girls and buried them in the area.”

We sometimes saw him tipping the contents of his wheelbarrow into a cabbage field.

The woman has directed police to the locations where she saw her creepy neighbour lurking with his shovel and wheelbarrow.

And while the garages were bulldozed in 2006, the cabbage fields still exist.

Both Essex and Kent Police confirmed they are aware of the former resident’s claims, the Daily Record reported.

The woman remembers the summer of 1991, when Tobin buried Vicky and Dinah in his garden.

The neighbor, who was in her mid-20s when she lived near the murderer, said: “I walked past 50 Irvine Drive most days and, for a few weeks, in late summer 1991, all you could hear was a hell of a racket coming from the back garden.

"The sound of a shovel plunging into dirt and the harsh noise of smashing concrete. Crashing, banging, scraping.

“Tobin seemed to be labouring forever – and he wasn’t exactly discreet.

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"He told locals he was digging a pool in his garden, although he told others he was building a sandpit for his son.

"The running joke on the estate was that Peter Tobin was ‘digging for Australia’.”

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