Incredible moment ‘jet pack’ guy ‘flies through the air next to plane 3,000 feet up’

AN incredible video captured the moment the "jet pack" guy "flies through the air next to a plane up 3,000 feet in the sky."

The "jet pack guy" has struck again in Los Angeles, only this time he was spotted by a pilot off the coast in a training area near Palos Verdes flying at approximately 3,000 feet in the air.

According to The Drive, one of the pilots said that they were flying along their route in the practice area between Palos Verdes and Catalina Island when they saw what appeared to be a man on a jet pack flying in the opposite direction.

The pilots believe the man was flying at about 3,000 feet.

The object passed along the right side of their aircraft and kept going until it was out of sight.

According to the pilots, there was no communication from the object or about the object on the radio channel used for the training area.

The pilots reported the encounter with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

In September, pilots reported seeing a similar sight at the same altitude near Los Angeles International Airport, and then again in October.

In the September incident an American Airlines pilot reportedly saw the man flying past the plane when it was 10 miles out from landing at LAX.

In October, an FAA spokesman told The Sun: "A China Airlines crew reported seeing what appeared to be someone in a jet pack at an approximate altitude of 6,000 feet, about seven miles northwest of Los Angeles International Airport around.

"The FAA alerted local law enforcement and will look into the report."

The LA Times reported that the FBI launched an investigation into the incident that occurred in the busy airspace over the California city.

In both incidents, multiple people reported seeing what looked like a person using a jet pack flying near the airport.

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