Jesus seen on dusty road safety sign by stunned highway workers

HIGHWAY workers had a Road to Damascus moment when they saw the figure of Jesus Christ on a dusty safety sign.

Josh Nichols, 28, and Andrew Oldfield, 46, saw the Messiah in oil, dust and mud as they put out diversion boards.

The non-religious workmen showed it to bosses at their depot in Holbeach, Lincolnshire and wrapped it in cellophane to preserve it.

Colleague Adrian Oldfield, 54, said: “We’re afraid to touch it in case the image disappears.

“We thought of creating a shrine with a candle and invite locals to touch the miracle for £5.

“On second thoughts we realised it was a bit too much Life of Brian.”

It was dubbed “The Shroud of the Fens” for its likeness to the Turin Shroud image of Christ.

The Sun previously told how mum Nikki Halkerston saw the face of Jesus on a £1.15 bag of Spuds from Aldi.

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